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Q4 is here. Is your Contact Center ready for the Holidays?

Posted by Brian Mather on 10/20/15 11:08 AM

I have a beautiful commute through the scenic rolling hills of Pennsylvania each morning on my to the Jay Group headquarters.  The ride is almost always stress-free but this morning my idyllic ride and Grande Pumpkin Spice Mochaccino Latte were rudely interrupted. This morning I stopped to take note that the trees aren’t just beginning to show hints of autumn color, they’re well on the way to peak beauty. It’s Q4. Game on.

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Offer Your Customers Free Shipping this Holiday without Breaking the Order Fulfillment Bank

Posted by Brian Mather on 9/24/15 1:00 PM

In a move that was widely reported, and I’m certain closely monitored by their competitors, Toys R Us just announced that they would be offering Free Shipping on all purchases of $19 or more. That’s a 60% reduction from the prior $49 threshold and arguably one of the best offers customers will find this shopping season. How are they making that offer, and maybe more importantly, how can YOU offer free shipping without breaking your bank?

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How Do Your Inventory Turns Compare to the Industry?

Posted by Curt Barry on 7/14/15 1:09 PM

We’re honored to welcome guest author Curt Barry to the Jay Group blog. Read how successfully managing inventory lets multichannel businesses reduce the total amount of inventory maintained on hand, free their capital, improve cash flow and reduce operating expenses.

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How Happy Are Fulfillment Providers with DIM's Six Month Anniversary?

Posted by Brian Mather on 6/30/15 5:20 PM
As we reach the six-month mark under the new Dim Weight pricing models FedEx and UPS have both universally adopted, it’s clear freight costs are up industry wide – notably affecting  B-2-C fulfillment customers.
Happy Stinkin' Birthday.
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Add Profits Through Smart Fulfillment Decisions

Posted by Brian Mather on 6/23/15 4:38 PM
Sure it’s not glamorous, but don’t underestimate the importance of shipping as a part of the overall customer experience strategy and cost/benefit analysis of your ecommerce business.  Too often, the little details like packaging, shipping options and methods are treated as an afterthought, which erodes profitability and jeopardizes customer satisfaction.
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Congratulations Elizabethtown Graduates

Posted by Brian Mather on 6/5/15 9:45 AM

Congratulations to the graduates of the Elizabethtown College School of Continuing and Professional Studies!

At the ceremony, held Saturday May 16th, Jay Group President & CEO Dana Chryst delivered the commencement address and was privileged to receive an honorary Doctorate in Business Administration.

The theme of her speech was “Curiosity” and during it she praised the uniqueness of what these students have just completed.

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Amazon’s great, but is Fulfillment by Amazon right for your business?

Posted by Brian Mather on 4/2/15 1:10 PM

I recently read with great interest an article targeted at retailers who might be considering whether or not Fulfillment by Amazon was the right solution to be their ecommerce fulfillment service provider.  For anyone who might be considering the FBA option, I wanted to share a checklist of my own as a further aid in your decision making process.

Jay Group Fulfillment Services

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The Importance of Great Customer Service

Posted by Brian Mather on 3/18/15 4:20 PM

I saw Curt Barry’s post in MultiChannel Merchant's Operations and Fulfillment newsletter the other day and I thought it perfectly captured the importance of great customer service. If you haven’t read it you should, because it provides great insights into the consumer experience and the perils of under-serving your customers.

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Six Tips for Successfully Finding a Fulfillment Provider via RFP

Posted by Brian Mather on 3/11/15 5:11 PM

Let’s be honest. No one likes writing an RFP. They're complicated documents whose outcomes have far-reaching consequences.

But, sending Request for Proposals (RFPs) to potential fulfillment providers is without a doubt one of the best ways to gauge what each company offers, how their corporate culture works, and whether or not they provide fulfillment solutions aligned with your needs.

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Continuity Programs - Business You Can Bank On!

Posted by Brian Mather on 3/2/15 8:00 AM

If you’re old enough to remember Book-of-the-Month or CD clubs then you’re old. Like me.

A colleague and I were discussing these venerable veterans of the direct-to-consumer business model the other day and we both agreed that even though times have changed, you shouldn’t underestimate the timeless viability of continuity programs in your business. As my colleague put it, "it’s the gift that keeps on giving."

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